You want to know who your customers are?
Intelligent Statistics
This web service let you know about your audience:
who likes your profiles, where do they live and what interests do they have.
What you get
Instagram tells only gender, age and time when they online, but modern technologies can tell more about people. Hence, you get...
What do they like and what are they following.
Where they are, what places visit.
Active Friends
How much active likers do they have? What is the coverage of their publications?
Which hashtags are popular among your customers.
Advanced Report
You don't need to interpret raw data — we already do it for you.
Estimate Marketing Budget
With this knowledge you get better results from your marketing.
How it works
Collect Data
We collect all public data about your audience: locations, followings, hashtags, likes and etc.
Increasing Data
We grab additional data about locations, hashtags, user profiles for making better conclusions about user behaviors.
Data Mining
With help of data models we obtain rough estimates of accounts information for more accurate results in the next stage.
Deep Learning Analytics
It builds few data models, interpret them and give benefits from raw data.
Advanced Report
Interpretation of data in easy to use manner. What do your audience likes and where to find such people, who is not your follower (customer) yet.
I founded this company and built the first data models and reports by myself. Now I with my team are developing web platform to give you all it's benefits.

Roman Spiridonov
Founder & CEO
Project Team
Highly self motivated people believe in this project hence they are working on it.
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